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Slouch Boots     Slouch Boots are a kind of luxury boots, somewhat sophisticated and comfy. Slouch boots are mostly worn by women, although there are designs now made for men, and they come in different colours. They are mostly made with suede. There are many brands in the market that made this kind of boots, but one of the notable one is the Kenneth Cole, as they made ranges of exquisite slouch boots for unique style and personality. There are different kinds of slouch boots, the style you choose will depend on what you want to wear them with, whether it is denim jeans, skirts, dresses, or casual wear. There are some designs that come with flat sole or high heels.

Slouch boots comes in diverse colours and many designers and brands come out with a lot of spectrum of colours to satisfy your individual needs and your wardrobe. You can own several colors and designs to match your clothes, one of the popular colors among slouch boots enthusiasts is the black slouch boots. Basically these boots are designed on the outside with loose creation and folds in the fabric similar to a Sharpe with larger or small ruffle folds for unique style.


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